Nijswiller Castle for sale

A centuries old castle in Limburg, the Netherlands is being redecorated to the highest possible standard by developer Stelreu. The castle is situated in a historical park with brook and a long private road over a 19th century bridge. It has played a role in medieval times when the Belgian Jan van Brabant concurred the Germans in the Battle of Worringen in 1288. The architect, Claus en Kaan Architects Rotterdam, took no compromise with the voluminous spaces and high ceilings. The castle steps into the 21st century with self-esteem thanks to the state of the art building control (domotica), CO2 neutral floor and wall heating and an array of solar cells while it’s 12th century roots still remain in the castle with the old wine cellar and authentic shooting holes. Nijswiller Castle has transformed caste living from a moist, cold and costly burden to an elevated and ultimate experience of enlightened happiness. You can invite your friends to stay in the double guest quarters, dining with wine from your wine cellar and burning the wood from your forest in one (or more) of the fifteen fireplaces. The castle is located in “Zuid-Limburg”, in the south of the Netherlands. This location is referred to as “Euregio”, the heart of western Europe. Cities like Maastricht (NL), Aachen (D), Liège (B) are very close and have high speed train connections to cities like London, Paris, Barcelona and Berlin. Connectivity to the large international airports Frankfurt and Düsseldorf are 1 hour away, Amsterdam airport is two hours. The castle and park are both marked as historical which means it is viable for tax deductions and subsidy handouts.

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