Oxford Castle not for sale

Oxford Castle, in Castle Street, has been given a virtual price tag of £45m. Some Oxford city landmarks have been valued by local estate agents .
The much-photographed Radcliffe Camera, in Radcliffe Square, was valued at £23m.
Property expert Nigel Lewis, of FindaProperty.com, said: “We know these landmarks will never be put up for sale, but with property prices shooting up 10 per cent over the past year we thought it would be fun to see what the market consensus was about their values. It is quite a challenge for estate agents more used to valuing suburban semis to put an accurate price on town halls or castles, but there was a surprising amount of agreement between the different agents we spoke to.”

The most expensive residential property in the city currently on the website is a seven-bedroom detached house in Charlbury Road, North Oxford. Near the house where author Iris Murdoch once lived, the property is on the market for £3.5m.

Lizanne Simmons, of Summertown-based Penny & Sinclair, said: “Size, location and kerb appeal dictated the valuations, as did what they could be used for.

“The castle and the town hall could be quite good party or wedding venues.

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