Carlowrie Castle for sale – property for sale

Carlowrie Castle ,one of the country’s finest rural estates went on sale today with a £3.75million price tag. The sale of Carlowrie Castle – a baronial estate outside Edinburgh – might trigger a rush of overseas interest and was welcomed as a sign of “top-end recovery”. Leading estate agents Savills and Rettie & Co said the sale of the spectacular seven-bedroom mansion reflected “increased activity” in the multi-million pound market.They said a recent surge in interest in “large properties” was a sign of renewed confidence in the upper tier of the housing market. This calibre of residential estate coming onto the market points to increased activity at the top end. Due to the fact that many of Scotland’s grandest estates and castles could be considered to be discretionary spend, this sector of the market has suffered during the economic downturn of the past two years.

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